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Legend behind the Nagabharanas Email
Lord Venkateswara’s Mulavirat is adorned with a set of Nagabharanas, on both the arms.

Once a Gajapathi King by name Veera Narashima Deva was on a piligrimage to Rameshwaram.  On the route he stopped to have Darshana of Lord and was so happy that the King decided to do some service to Lord.  The King then requested the Vaikhanasa Archakas about what he can offer.  Archakas suggested to build a Mahadwara Rajagopuram to the temple.  King agreed and immediately arranged funds and labor to begin the work, & laid the Foundation stone for that work and resumed his Yatra to Rameshwaram.  The King again while returning from the yatra decided to check the progress of the work and to self supervise the ongoing Mahadwara Rajagopuram work.

The King was very happy with the progress and felt himself very lucky to have done some service to Lord.  With this unbound happiness slept for the day.  In the middle of his deep sleep, Adishesha, The five hooded cosmic serpant appeared in his dreams & said : ‘Oh King, you are doing a great Service to Lord, by building this Mahadwara Rajagopuram. Rajagopuram is very big and causing me more pain and weight to bear on my head.  The pain can only be released by the Lord of Sheshadri himself ’. By saying so, Adishesha went and tied himself to the left arm of Lord inside Garbhagruha.

The king woke up from his dreams & felt he has done some Apacharam (knowingly done bad on someone) to Adishesha.  King was a bit restless the entire night.  Morning the King went to the temple and still felt Adishesha tied around the Lord’s left Arm.  Without second thought, the King immediately got done a Golden Adishesha which can be tied to Lords Arm.  The King then stopped the construction of the Mahadwara Rajagopuram work as it is and went back to his kingdom.

With this new jewel of Adishesha, Lord of the Seven hills was also known as ‘Pannaga Bhushana’.  Later when Bhagvad Ramanujacharya visited the Temple, prompted by the Archakas, Acharya got do done the second exact replica for Lord’s Right Arm.

Now till some 20 years back, this old Legendary Nagabharana’s were still adorned to Lord.  Then is Old set is now kept in TTD Treasury safely.  A new firm Golden Nagabharanas were made by the Temple funds which is adorned to Lord’s Moola Vigraham as a part of Nityakatla Samarpana.

In recent times, a Diamond studded Set of Nagabharana’s of the same size and shape.  This is also been done by the temple funds which is used as a part of Vishesha Samarpana.


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