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Vyuha Lakshmi on Lord’s Vakshasthalam Email
Lord Venkateswara’s idol is having a Srivatsam mark on his right chest, which is a permanent part of the Idol. It can be seen embossed, but only on Thursdays, when the jewels are removed completely, leaving the Melchat Vastram, and on Fridays, during Abhishekam and Nijapada Darsanam. The darsan of Vakshathala Lakshmi can be seen if we come very near to Kulasekhara Padi and even from there also, we can only assume the shape of the Lakshmi. Only Archakas can see the Lakshmi on the Chest. This Lakshmi is called Dvi-bhuja-Vyuha-Lakshmi in Vaikhanasa Samhithas.

The presence of Lakshmi on the body of the Hill god is responsible for the name Sri-nivasa  (the abode of Lakshmi) for Him. This image of Lakshmi is in the Agamas prescribed to be two-armed and seated in the lotus posture, this form is called Vyuha-Lakshmi.

dvibhujA vyuhalakshmi: syAt baddapadmAsanapriyA|

srInivAsanga madyasthaa sutaram kEshavapriyA||

And the consecration and worship of Vyuha-Lakshmi are meant to secure unbounded and eternal prosperity (niravadika-samrddhi-siddhaye). In the daily worship of the Hill-god, after the Venkatesa Sahasranama Archana in the morning, this Vyuha-Lakshmi on the God’s chest is also worshipped reciting 16 names of Lakshmi (shodasa-nama) with the offering of tulasi-leaves after each name and also Goddess Padmavathi on the left chest is worshipped at the same time (while the 16 names are being chanted). This image is specially worshipped during the main deity’s ceremonial bath on Friday’s, as also during Makara-sankaranthi (kAkApudi), when this Lakshmi on right chest of the Hill God receives bath with perfumed water.

Ramanuja is said to have prompted one of the yadava-raya kings to offer for the hill-god a golden necklace in which the golden image of Lakshmi (sculpted in relief and encrusted with precious stones) was hung as a pendant (Bangaru Lakshmi). This necklace with the pendant (tiny idol of lakshmi), is seen round the neck of the Hill God all week days and is also permanent adornment on the idol, except during the friday’s abhishekam. This tiny idol of gold lakshmi was offered, according to a traditional account, on a friday in the ‘ratna-malika-yoga’ (conjunction of constellation uttara phalguni on the twelfth day of bright fortnight). Every Friday, since that time, a special worship is accorded to this image. After the customary ceremonial bath (tirumanjana) for the God, and after adorning the Lord with all the jewels (just before second thomala seva (or mAdhyAhnika ArAdhanam), this pendant image is seperately given a sacred bath with water, perfumes and turmeric amidst chanting of srI-sUktha by Archakas. This abhishekam is perfomed in ekantham and only Archakas, Jeeyars, Ekangis, Adhyapakas, Vedaparayanadars and the temple higher staff are present at that time to view this tirumanjanam of bangaru-lakshmi. So there is Vyuha Lakshmi on the idol’s right chest which is embossed, which can be seen only when all the jewels are removed with the chest of the idol is fully visible and then there’s an gold lakshmi (bangaru-lakshmi) on the right chest which can be seen on all the time when jewels adornment is done except on friday’s abhishekam this bangaru lakshmi is not seen instead the vyuha-lakshmi can be seen.

As this bangaru lakshmi is given a seperate bath before mAdhyAhnika ArAdhanam. On the left chest there’s a gold chain with a big pendant of Goddess Padmavathi and this Padmavathi Idol is always present and is a permanent part of the idol. Though this is a seperate chain with a tiny idol, it is always present with the Lord’s Idol even during the Abhishekam. It is never removed for any Abhishekams and all. That means at all the times God is SrI-bhUmi sahitham.


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